A well installed gasket is a pledge of security

Eynard Robin offers one-day sealing training sessions based on a common core of knowledge taken from EN 1591-4 which enables participants to learn about leak phenomena. The training programme combines theoretical presentations and practical applications using simulations (all commercial considerations, products and brands are excluded).

Training programmes for static sealing:



At the end of each training programme each participant will be able to:

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To participate or for more information, please contact us:

Hervé BUSI
Mobile: 06 32 98 79 96
Mail : h.busi@eynardrobin.com

Mobile: 06 49 10 22 35
Mail: tl.lengo@eynardrobin.com


Training venues:

Eynard Robin Formations – Training
85 chemin des Platières
Bâtiment 1
38670 Chasse-sur-Rhône

Training sessions can also be organised on-site in your company.

Eynard Robin is registered as a training organisation under number 82691133069