A personalised proactive accompaniment

Eynard Robin Progress Plans

We have built our service offers on the basis of recognised expertise which is articulated by 5 strategic axes. Our aim is create the most fluid working practises and to optimise the installation and sealing of your equipment.

We supply you with personalised support from our teams of experts qualified to meet your toughest demands.


Precise definition of the needs for all components: technique, process, regulation, normative and legislative. This phase of analysis relies on our experts’ mastery of process and risk
Objective: Maximise the level of knowledge about needs and risks in order to provide the optimum solution.


Creation of solutions in terms of products and services which will provide calibrated answers in the short, medium and long term.
Objective: Provide or create solutions which meet client specifications and always optimised for your goals.


Proposition of a large panel of logistical solutions: on-call  24h/24 – 7/7, shut-down conditions, consignment of stocks, EDI, control of ‘quality – cost – delay’ triangle.
Objective: accompany you as closely as possible in the implementation of a solution to minimise your costs and risks in global acquisitions.


Management of normative framework, After-Sales Service, training on the implementation of our products with training programmes. Our production units and mobile workshop enable us to supervise the installation of our products, manage the logistics of our products, accompany a stoppage or deal with maintenance directly on your site.
Objective: ensure the correct match between demand and installation of an Eynard Robin product in order to generate economic and security gains.


Progress to an ongoing analysis of the 4 previous steps (Analyse, Recommend, Obtain, Support) in order to permanently control the offer pertinence, the level of service and continually seek to improve our performance.
Objective: ensure that we always provide an optimum offer for our clients.