5 ranges of perfectly calibrated sealing products

Our current range covers several thousand product references. We have exclusive partnerships with market reference brands and a park of ultra-performing machines which enables us to produce standard and custom pieces in small or large scale series.

Eynard Robin propose an offer segmented into 5 product ranges so you can quickly find the right product using the guide to different technical, normative and regulatory information.

  • Accessories and miscellaneous products

    The product range which makes maintenance easier

    Eynard Robin offers you a maximum of services with its range of accessories and miscellaneous products which are all designed to make the maintenance of your installations easier. This product range includes valuable tools as well as flexible gaskets, metallic gaskets, mechanical seals and hand-manufactured pieces.

    Collection of products for the maintenance of industrial installations

  • Flexible gaskets

    The biggest range on the market

    The range of flexible gaskets offered by Eynard Robin is the largest on the market and covers all industrial applications and needs for static sealing. In addition to the gaskets made by EYNARD ROBIN we also offer a range from the most renowned brands: KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®, etc...

    The largest range on the market which covers all industrial static sealing needs and applications.

  • Hand manufacturing

    Unique craftsmanship

    Unique craftsmanship is used to create products in the Eynard Robin hand-manufactured range. They are destined for use in insulation, thermal or chemical protection and high temperature sealing. These products can be adapted for a wide range of industrial functions thanks to their materials, forms and dimensions etc.

    Unique savoir-faire for insulation, thermal or chemical protection and high temperature sealing for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Mechanical seals

    Sealing products for all industrial uses

    The range of mechanical seals covers all sealing products. They are reliable and easy to install and they cover all industrial applications: cable connector, static flange gaskets or static application gaskets, valve bonnet gaskets... This range of products includes the best global brands: KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®, etc…

    Full range of sealing products, reliable and easy to install for all industrial applications: cable connector, static flange or equipment gaskets, bonnet gasket valves....

  • Metallic gaskets

    High technology gaskets The range of metallic gaskets unites the experience and expertise of leading brands KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®, Imperator Industries, and Eynard Robin. This range of high technology gaskets is highly comprehensive for the security, reliability and quality of your applications subject to tough pressure and temperature demands. High technology standard or specific gaskets for flange assemblies or equipment subject to strong pressures and temperatures.