Metallic gaskets

High technology gaskets The range of metallic gaskets unites the experience and expertise of leading brands KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®, Imperator Industries, and Eynard Robin. This range of high technology gaskets is highly comprehensive for the security, reliability and quality of your applications subject to tough pressure and temperature demands. High technology standard or specific gaskets for flange assemblies or equipment subject to strong pressures and temperatures.

Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are composed of a ribbed metallic strip wound into a spiral and a filling in graphite, PTFE or mica wound between each spiral. The additional rings protect against crushing from tightening. They are used as gaskets for pipe fitting or applications in units for refining, petrochemistry, energy production, the gas industry...

Camprofile gaskets

Camprofile gaskets show excellent results in the chemical and petrochemical industries, particularly in high pressure and high temperature installations thanks to the range of profiles and quality of their production.

Flat gaskets

The flat gaskets are manufactured from cut metal sheets and selected from the best known brands on the market (KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®…). Eynard Robin is equipped to produce cut flat gaskets in all shapes and all sizes, coated or non-coated.

Graphitor gaskets

Graphitor gaskets are composed from an extremely rigid mono-piece metallic core and graphite rings. The graphite rings are embedded into machined grooves on each face of the gasket and ensure sealing. The metallic core limits the crushing of the graphite rings, strongly minimising the deformation of the flanges and avoiding sealing rupture.


The Eyring gaskets are formed from a machined metallic ring and are designed for high temperature and high pressure applications for use in association with special flanges featuring machined grooves (RTJ flanges).


Eytor gaskets are designed for use in extreme conditions and in the toughest sectors such as aerospace, nuclear, automobile, industry or medical.  They are manufactured using tubes, bands and stainless steel wire or in high temperature alloy.


Eynard Robin also offers a wide range of metallic or semi-metallic gaskets to meet the demands of all industrial applications: corrugated gaskets, metal/plastic, simple or reversible shutter, Favorigraph® valve bonnet gaskets, boiler gaskets, cylinder head gaskets, double sealing, filter gaskets, H or diamond profile, lenticular, convex or for welding.....