Flexible gaskets

The biggest range on the market

The range of flexible gaskets offered by Eynard Robin is the largest on the market and covers all industrial applications and needs for static sealing. In addition to the gaskets made by EYNARD ROBIN we also offer a range from the most renowned brands: KLINGER®, KEMPCHEN®, etc...

The largest range on the market which covers all industrial static sealing needs and applications.

Elastomer fibres

The range offers exceptional characteristics in all industrial sealing applications. It is composed from KLINGER® elastomer fibre sheets and Eynard Robin products. We base our range on our own materials, products and processes as well as on the latest market innovations. We are also the reference in France for KLINGER®, the global leader.


Gaskets with elastomer content are widely used in all industrial settings and offer excellent elasticity characteristics as well as good chemical resistance depending on the components. In the form of sheets, cut gaskets, o'ring gaskets....
A wide variety of solutions are available to cover all your demands for flexible elastomer sealing.


These are high performance products. The sheets produced from pure graphite by Eynard Robin, KLINGER® et KEMPCHEN®  can be used for all purposes, especially extremely tough applications and high temperatures.


Perfectly suited to very high temperature applications and all sealing applications for gas or hot air, exhaust manifolds, insulation or thermal protection etc.


PTFE has exceptional characteristics. It resists a large range of temperature, its chemical resistance is remarkable and it covers practically all fluids. It is easy to transform and is perfectly adapted for different chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry processes.